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We understand the concerns that many have when it comes to your personal information and that’s why we thought we would outline our privacy policy in a friendly, easy to read page format because we, like you, value transparency when it comes to businesses.

Let’s start with the basics,

Lainey’s Foods adhere to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

This act is where the Australian Privacy Principles outline how businesses collect and store your personal information (being information directly identifiable to you).

How Lainey's Foods will collect your personal information

Whether it be through our website, email newsletter, at our cooking demos or through any other means, there is always a chance we will receive your personal information. If we do it will be protected under our team strictly abiding by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)

Receiving and storing your personal information

Whether directly via our website or through other means we may receive and store your personal information such as your details, phone number and email. This information may be collected during activities such as: ordering from our website, leaving a review, providing contact information and/or financial information, communicating with our support team, among other things.


What we do with your information

We may use the personal information collected to contact you regarding our products, opportunities, services, delivery status etc. This might be done through SMS, email, or mail.
There is also a possibility that we may also use your information to better understand our client base and track certain metrics

The disclosure of your information

  • We would only disclose your information when absolutely necessary (i.e., to delivery companies when you order from us online, between employees when we are discussing issues with an order).

  • We may use your personal information at times where we have to protect any trademarks, copyright, legal rights, etc. of Lainey’s Foods.

  • We may also have to disclose this information if we were required by law to fulfil a legal requirement.

  • If there is a change in the ownership of Lainey’s foods we will advise you all before we disclose or hand over any personal information. The information that may be passed on after will include that of which is contained in our databases, and we would make sure that the potential purchaser would agree to maintain the standards of privacy and confidentiality that we have set out in this document.


When it comes to security, we have our own safeguards in place to make sure that you all feel comfortable using and providing your information to our site. We make sure to enforce strict procedures to prevent any malpractice when it comes to the use of your personal information however we cannot promise 100% security - nor can anyone. This is why providing your information is done so at your own risk and in providing this information, you agree to this policy.

You have a right to know what information we hold about you

If you ever wish to know what details we hold regarding your personal information we will be able to provide it to you in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). If you have any questions about this please email us at

Do note in some circumstances we may reserve the right to provide you this information due to legal action or policies outlined in the Privacy Act.

What happens if we change our privacy policy?

As times change, we may also have to change or modify our privacy policy. If we do, we will be the first to notify you via email or announcement however we recommend that if this is an issue that is close to your heart we recommend that you check back to our privacy policy from time-to-time.


Regarding our website

Similar to other websites, Lainey’s foods may collect information such as what you’re viewing us on (phone, laptop, tablet), operating system etc. This is used to analyse how people use our site in the hopes to improve our platform and service.

Additionally, cookies may be used on this site. A ‘cookie’ or ‘cookies’ on a website are not the delightful warm joys that we eat, when we refer to them on websites they are actually miniscule files that a website might use to identify you and store your details.

An example being:

  • Giving you product recommendations based on your previous time on the shop.

  • Similarly, you may see cookies work in ways such as giving you ad recommendations based on sites you visit (when you go onto the google search platform).

Note : you may be able to turn off cookies when you head into your browser settings.

When it comes to third party sites

We only use third-party sites when absolutely needed and the majority of the time it will be through hyperlinks that actually will assist with your customer experience.


  • We are not responsible for the actions, privacy practices etc. of other websites or businesses.

  • Links to these websites do not mean we have a sponsorship agreement nor endorse these businesses.’

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