​​​​​​A perfect chilli oil that has no preservatives and is Gluten Free. Our

Chilli Oil is an Australian made product using the finest spices to create this delicious product that is versatile across all Cuisines.


The recipe was created 20 years ago for home consumption only and

we were finally convinced to get our Chilli Oil into the marketplace late

2018, it has been very popular across the culinary board. Certain flavour elements of our Chilli Oil appeal to all palates, its richness and smokiness with that chilli zing. We are so proud of it.


Our ingredients are sourced from the finest spice wholesalers whose products originate from the deep, rich soils of the Equatorial regions.

This combination of Equatorial spices brings forth a dimension of flavors

that is unsurpassed in our recipe, the smokiness, the sweetness and the freshness with that spicy chili zing, that brings the full dimension of

taste, flavors and aroma.


The chillis and spices that are the main ingredients in my blend,

but the combination of spices with quality vegetable oil that helps to

create the balance and smokiness of Lainey’s Chilli Oil.


We want our Chilli Oil to be the next best condiments or

marinade with any meal you prepare. 

Our Chilli Oil is the perfect complement to any delicious meal prepared

at home.


Smokiness, Sweetness and Freshness with that classic Chilli finish.

Lainey's Chilli Oil


    Shipping and Delivery Information

    Australia Wide:
    • Orders a flat fee of $17 for postage for 2 to 6 jars.

    • Orders will be sent by registered mail cartons taking 3 to 5 days depending on the destination.

    • Orders are shipped by Australia Post Parcel post with trackable delivery registration number.

    • Payment for orders must be made by Direct Deposit before shipping.


    Bulk Orders:
    • For orders of 7 jars or more the shipping costs are calculated on the overall weight of the package and its destination.

    • for 7 to 15 jars - $20

    • for 16 to 25 jars - $35

    Storage Information

    How To Best Store Our Chilli Oil:
    • Don’t forget to stir it well when you first open the jar.

    • Best stored in the fridge, overtime it may get a little dry, just add 1 tsp vegetable oil.

    Instructional Video:
    Lainey's Chili Oil Storage
    Red Chilli Background - Lainey's Foods
    Curve Down Lainey's Foods


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