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Welcome to Lainey’s Foods Home Of Lainey's Chilli Oil

Hi, I am Lainey and I was born in Vietnam. I grew up in Melbourne and have been here for over 45 years. I believe I have the best of both worlds in my Vietnamese heritage and of course my beautiful home here in Australia with all it has on offer. Although I was not born and bred here in Melbourne, I had been given the opportunity to experience all the culinary delights from all over the world in our diverse city of Melbourne, which I call home.


I remember with great fondness the days my mother would return from work and each week on Friday we would have fish and chips. Way back when, in the early 80’s, $5 fish and chips fed a family of six, it was such a treat. My mother loved entertaining, so every weekend we would have their friends come over, the small flat we lived in would be filled with music and the smell of good food which would emanate throughout the small neighbourhood of ours.


My family have always had a passion for cooking and so most of my fondest memories were of helping my mother prepare meals for our family and close friends. It was here that I learnt all about traditional Vietnamese cooking with mixing the different herbs and spices to blend and create wonderful aromas and flavour combinations. These combinations have come to be the herbs and spices that make up my signature ‘Lainey’s Chilli Oil’.


Now I am in my 50’s I realised that I should put my passion for foods and cooking into a business. This thought has inspired me to create my Chilli Oil which I know will add that extra ‘kick’ to any meal, whether it be a vegetarian dish, seafoods, poultry, meats or pasta!


I pride myself on only using the finest ingredients and my chilli oil is handcrafted right here in Australia. Click on ‘Stockists’ to find out where you can buy this unique oil/paste or simply order online.


Be sure to also sign up to our mailing list (don’t worry, we won’t inundate you!), so you have access to exclusive offers, cooking videos and recipes that help you enjoy Lainey’s Chilli Oil to its fullest.


Thanks for visiting!

Lainey x

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